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EPR Germany – System Participation

Closing loops together to set sustainable accents in environmental compatibility and recyclability.

What is EPR licensing?

Simple answers for manufacturers and retailers

According to Section 7 of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG), every manufacturer, retailer or commercial importer of a product in Germany must participate in a dual system and submit a data report to the Central Agency Packaging Register – LUCID at regular intervals.

The dual systems in Germany are responsible for the disposal of sales packaging (free of charge for end consumers). We usually commission regional disposal companies with the collection, recovery and recycling of packaging from private households and commercial sources.

We all know them: the yellow bin/bag, the paper bin and the glass container. This system is financed by the producer of the packaging waste. And we also know: Germany is in a leading position regarding the seperation of waste.


Mülltonne Recycling Dual two people

How to license important material fractions

In your function as a manufacturer or retailer of a product, you determine the packaging weights generated by your products in Germany and divide them into different material fractions:

  • Glass
  • Paper/cardboard/cardboard
  • Ferrous metals
  • Aluminium
  • Plastics
  • Beverage carton Packaging
  • Other composite packaging
  • Other materials (e.g. wood)

In addition to our calculator, you can also use our calculation aid to calculate the packaging volumes. When calculating the volumes, please also take shipping and secondary packaging into account in addition to sales packaging.

You then report the calculated packaging volumes to the LUCID packaging register and to your dual system. We will be happy to assist you and, as an officially recognised dual system, will take care of the licensing of your packaging throughout Germany!


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Vater und Tochter am Glascontainer

What makes us special

  • From 2021, sales packaging will be legally compliant, easy to license online.
  • As a paper expert, we can close “real” loops.
  • Reduction and facilitation of workflow
  • Performance-based offers for license customers who prefer real material-specific disposal costs.
  • Professional consulting for key accounts on sustainable packaging optimization in conjunction with our affiliated Experience Center.
  • We offer fair licensing prices, especially for paper packaging.
  • Closed circulations lead to satisfied consumers and retailers.
  • As an integrated dual system, we pool our experience in recycling management and packaging optimization.
  • Together we can really close the loop.
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